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Certified Arborist, Cambium Services is your professional tree service in the south Denver metro area.


We are here to serve you in Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Lakewood, Denver and the front range.

Cambium Tree Services provides expert tree care to Denver and the surrounding areas. Tree trimming, up to full tree removal, is available through Cambium. The approach our teams take is based on years of experience and constant practice. We rely on referrals, customer satisfaction ratings, and good old-fashioned word of mouth to grow our business.

Cambium’s tree care formulas adhere to current arbor standards and can give Colorado trees the attention they need to thrive. The company is family-owned and operated, and great pride is taken in the services provided. All jobs are completed with the safety of the worker, customer, and property in mind. Most jobs are completed within a couple days, depending on the size of the project. Time is taken to communicate with customers, jobs are completed to customer satisfaction, and landscapes are left healthier than they were before.

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"We had a cherry blossom tree split in half so we had to chop it up, and since it was winter time we couldn't dispose of it right away [...] The price was very reasonable and the cleanup was more than I was expecting! Highly impressed and highly recommend Cambium Care! I also appreciate the FREE estimate on the big tree in my front yard... it needs some TLC! I will definitely be coming back for more tree work [...] I really appreciate it!!"

"We had a large dead cottonwood tree located between our house and the neighbors'. They did a great job removing it without damaging either house or the nearby fence. Everything was left neat and tidy - and all for a reasonable price.

Karen Parks
Concerned about evergreen pests in your Colorado evergreen trees? Let Cambium Care Tree Specialists help.

"VERY FAIR pricing and did a great job of trimming a large maple tree in my back yard! I contacted 'several' companies and this one had good reviews - and I'm giving them one as well! Professional customer service from the office and the main guy who came to work on the tree! The two guys did a great job of cleaning up afterwards, and I would definitely recommend this company!"

Jeanne Z.

Great job, very personable, professional and affordable, will definitely use them in the future as will our neighbors.

Tracy B.

Armando was great to work with. I will definitely use him in the future

Sylvia S

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Tree Removal

No need to risk your safety - we'll take care of the dirty work for you.

Stump Removal

Get rid of that ugly eyesore once and for all


Let our experts get your trees looking great again and refresh your curb appeal!

Tree Removal
Tree Removal

How can we help you with your tree & shrub removal needs?

No one likes to see a tree get damaged, or come to the end of its life. But to keep your other plants healthy and your property safe, it’s important to remove dead trees or shrubs. Our caring arborists will make the best recommendation and bring our crews to do the job right. We're fully equipped, licensed, and insured to work anywhere in the in the Denver Metro area. Call us for a free tree care diagnosis and treatment options.

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Stump Grinding

How can we help you with your stump removal needs?

No matter where the stumps are located, we have a range of stump grinding machines to handle any stump removal job in the Denver Metro area. Removing stumps will help prevent the growth of new growth from the roots, and it's the fastest way to remove tree stumps instantly.

Our machines quickly chew up stumps to 6-12 inches below ground level, using carbide teeth to make quick work of the stump. Once finished, you can plant new grass, plants or even a new tree in the space.

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Tree and Shrub Trimming

We at Cambium truly enjoy making your trees and shrubs beautiful! Our arborists are experts at tree trimming in the Denver Metro, Parker, Centennial, Littleton, and Lakewood areas and will prune your trees for health, shape, and beauty.

Our certified arborists will inspect your trees and shrubs and recommend the appropriate pruning to keep them healthy and beautiful. We are fully equipped, licensed and insured to do any job, including large trees – we have very talented tree climbers as well as truck lifts to get any size job done right!

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Why remove trees?

There are many reasons why trees decline, become hazardous, or die. The difficult part is to decide what to do - save it or remove it? Owners who want to keep their tree as long as possible might have diseased and dead branches cut out and water deeply when needed. Dying trees can be a liability issue – falling on people or structures – and cause worry to neighbors or property occupants.

To decide what option is best for your tree, it’s important to talk with an arborist who can help you decide. We are happy to consult with you on best standards of care.

  • Is the tree a desirable species?
  • How healthy is the tree? Is the tree leaning?
  • Are there large dead branches – on one side or the other?
  • Is the trunk damaged? Are there sprouts from the base of the tree?
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